Slay ya later

Old buddy I hadn’t seen in years hit me up out of the blue about buying me a ticket to watch Slayer’s farewell tour down in my neck of the woods. I couldn’t refuse that so I went and got another old buddy to come along…so old buddies started the party without me and were […]

From the County of Bourbon

Growing up in a small Midwestern town, one which served as the seat for a county named after the finest of spirits, often came with a predictable set of experiences. If you lasted thru your teens you most likely had multiple children, a rotted liver, meth mouth, a lengthy arrest record, and/or an overinflated opinion […]

December Story

I bet those poor hands are cold. She was sitting on the edge of her bed; elbows on her nervously bouncing knees, teeth quietly chattering as her hands cupped her chin. I wonder how long his hair is right now under that cap. Maybe it’s longish again. She had wanted to go to the event, […]


The death of Chris Cornell bummed me out. I’m not a huge Linkin Park fan, but Chester Bennington’s death added to the malaise. It wasn’t necessarily due to them being gone, since I didn’t actually know them, and because I love them for their music and both had their best days in that aspect years […]


How the fuck does one choose a career? Career, to me, is a word that in many situations has as much or probably more relevance than the word married. Most of these situations being completely social. Why? Sure I’m in an open marriage, but I’m not even using that as the norm. I always inferred […]


Good or bad? Ignorantly infered plan for sure… Shuffling thru the lot from my car to front door of work, I nearly trod upon some darkish avian breed. I found it curious that it didn’t float off upon my approach, and owing to my aversion to avian and rodent ambulatory limbs, I wasn’t sure if […]