I bet those poor hands are cold. She was sitting on the edge of her bed; elbows on her nervously bouncing knees, teeth quietly chattering as her hands cupped her chin.

I wonder how long his hair is right now under that cap. Maybe it’s longish again. She had wanted to go to the event, but Daddy had shut that down. He said she wasn’t at the age to go to something like that by herself. She had gotten a look that she didn’t entirely understand when she asked for him to take her.

What is he doing now? Oh wow, he didn’t miss a note singing down those stairs. Girl, you wish. She stood as the man on the screen walked towards a young lady holding a sign that said, “I hear you still need a date to Joe’s wedding…” She took a step towards the screen and crossed her arms.

I can’t believe I’m not there. He’s going up to her. This is not fair. Is he going to kiss her?? Just a hug, ok. Why is he still holding her? Why’d he stop singing? Wait! What just happened?? Her arms and jaw went slack as image on the screen suddenly switched from the event venue to a commercial for American Idol.

If she did something to him…I bet that little girl jerked out his mic or something. She took a short step towards the screen.

What if she hurt him? What’s the security like at these things? Could you get acid or something poisonous in there? I know she could have bitten him, as close as he let her get. Another step forward as she stared through the screen that was now showing a commercial for a luxury auto.

I would have stopped her. I should be there. She would be wishing she’d never made that ‘clever’ little sign. She better not have messed up that beautiful face. He will still be gorgeous. He is so much more than a face anyway. She was still walking towards the unseen television when the discarded shoe turned her ankle, and didn’t have time to focus before her head hit the nightstand.

What does the announcer mean we are saddened by the loss? He’s dead?? That bitch. I’m choking the life out of her. I’m sticking my arm straight down that ugly throat and ripping that cold heart out of that undeveloped chest. I’m going to his final resting place and giving her still beating heart to him. I’m waiting for him. “Mama, are you okay?” She groaned as she opened her eyes and saw her husband standing over her. “Mama, what happened? Here, let Daddy help you up.” Her sixteen year old daughter filed in behind her husband and helped her into the bed. A special news bulletin was coming on the screen and her eyes fluttered open and closed towards unconsciousness.

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