An old buddy I hadn’t seen in years hit me up out of the blue about buying me a ticket to watch Slayer’s farewell tour down in my neck of the woods. I couldn’t refuse that so I went and got another old buddy to come along…so old buddies started the party without me and were a couple of bands in when I showed up. I got to watch Anthrax for the first time. Enjoyed them. Ran into the lead singer, Joey Belladonna, in the pisser during the next bands set. There was a line of people taking selfies with him and I’m not sure if he enjoyed it or wanted to get the fuck away. Someone may be able to see more of me than they want as I piss in a urinal in the background of someone’s selfie. I didn’t feel like lines and was afraid I couldn’t resist yanking his wig off his head…next band up was Lamb of God. Luckily it was still loud where I was but not brain splitting like last time I saw them. I still haven’t been able to understand a single word their singer has grunted, but it had a good metal groove and was a pretty good set. Somewhere during the set one buddy got his cigarette forcefully put out while my other buddy and I vaped some herb and laughed…slayer was fucking great 🤘 got in probably about an hour of their set before the rain poured hard enough on the lawn that it was either rush the seat holders or go home. It wasn’t my first time seeing Slayer, so I skipped and beat the traffic. Really fun show with some good dudes.

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