I am a news junkie, really I’m an information junkie, but the word “news” kind of implies that there is a freshness factor that I feel I need to abide by. I don’t watch much TV, so my news comes mainly in the literary form. I’ve found that my local paper is superb when it comes to quality and fairness. I reside in a conservative southern state, in a town that is remarkably liberal, as most college towns seem to be. The biggest bitch I hear about the paper is that the editorial crew makes its selections in a 50/50 matter when it comes to red/blue views, which isn’t really representative of the state. Their political recommendations are solidly conservative tho, so I don’t really see the issue.

I’m lucky. Most people get their info from 20 second clips, or editorialized commentary passed as actual news. It’s really fucking hard, for me, to try to get a fair picture of things. All any liberal site will talk about is what dumbass thing Trump has recently said or tweeted. It gets as old as an orange raisin. It also seems self defeating if they see themselves as the frontline against the Trumpian threat. The reverse is Foxnews, which brags about its ratings dominance, yet I find hard to fathom the entity not being either the state news channel or a monopoly on conservative thought. Sure there is the New York Post, and Breitbart was the next coming, but they seem have to gone flaccid before their time. I will give them credit, they do have way more interesting news. if you are into man-eating dogs, abductions, or crazy white trash; of which I am a big fan, there has never been a better time for you. The conservative sites will share any small town story to distract from the buffoonery from Penn Ave.

I probably read from a dozen different sources to figure out a halfway truth about anything important in our fabulous country. And then I remember I’m a moderate and my lack of leaning on the left or right wall make me a naked bulb hanging from the rafters mid-room, where neither side can pull my switch.

One thought on “The Trouble with News

  1. News implies facts and information. We can’t have any meaningful discussion in this country because we cannot agree on terminology and facts.

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